Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1.a. MB „Electri commercium“ accepts orders by phone, post, e-mail, at MB „Electri commercium“ headquarters and via the online sale system at the website: www.imbotas.com

1.b. Goods can only be ordered in quantities according to the amount specified for the product (if not specified, the defaults quantity is 1 and no less than the smallest quantity in the price table located on the page of each product.

1.d. Placing an order is not an obligation to MB „Electri commercium“, and the lack of response does not imply a tacit acceptance of the order.

1.e. Placing an order is tantamount to submission by the consumer of a request to enter into a contract of sale for the products covered by the order. The offer is considered as accepted by MB „Electri commercium“  the moment an e-mail confirming shipment is sent to the the address provided by the customer during the account registration process at www.imbotas.com or while placing the order, or at the time of concluding the individual contract of sale.

1.f.  Your order will be only processed and delivered after successful payment for goods.

2. Imbotas accepts payments made in the following ways:

- payment upon receipt of the parcel (for selected countries),

- bank transfer,

- cash payment at the MB „Electri commercium“  headquarters,

- payment by card

- wire transfer

- Paypal

- Visa, MasterCard, Maestro

- Banklinks and Banks in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Belarus, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Slovakia, Czech Republik, United Kingdom

-Webmoney, SafetyPay, CashU

2.b. The consumer may negotiate terms of payment. In order to agree on the terms of payment, please contact the MB „Electri commercium“  Sales Department via email imbotas@imbotas.com

2.c. The consumer shall incur all bank charges related to the transfer.

2.d. The settlement of payment for the ordered goods via Paysera is carried out according to the following rules:

a) Payment via Paysera only could be made by persons authorized to use a given instrument, on the basis of which payment is executed, in particular a payment card may only be used by its authorized holder. Any cases of abuse shall be reported to the competent departments of the Police.

b) MB „Electri commercium“ provides Customers with appropriate transaction forms. Data from the form is automatically transferred to the Paysera

3. Your order will be completed and delivered in 10 - 12 working days after the successful payment. Your orders will be delivered using DHL delivery services. For our customers delivery services are free. All delivery expenses have to be covered by MB „Electri commercium”.

4.a. MB ”Electri commercium” sells high-quality and authorized products. The methods of transport, storage and packaging guarantees protection from mechanical and electrical damages.

4.b. Goods may be covered by the manufacturer’s or MB ”Electri commercium” warranty. If a product comes with a warranty, the provisions therein are binding. Information on the warranty period for particular goods is found in the products’ description at www.imbotas.eu. Detailed terms of the warranty are specified in the warranty document and at www.tme.eu in the “How to buy - warranty terms”.

4.c. The warranty on the goods sold does not exclude, limit or suspend the rights of the consumer's resulting from warranty for product defects.

5. A consumer who has entered into a distance selling agreement or placed order by email or phone, website with MB “Electri commercium” has the right to withdraw from this contract within 7 days without giving any reason, but only if order was not paid and have not started being processed.

5.b.To exercise the right to withdraw from the contract, the consumer must inform MB „Electri commercium“ trought pnohe or email imbotas@imbotas.com of their decision to withdraw from this agreement through an unequivocal declaration (for example; a letter sent by mail or e-mail).

To maintain the withdrawal deadline, it is enough for the consumer to send information regarding exercise of the consumer right to withdraw from the agreement before the expiry of the withdrawal deadline.

6. A consumer has the right to withdraw an order within 24 hours after the payment has been received. If consumer doesn’t inform MB “Electri commercium” about his will to withdraw order within 24 hours period, then order will be valid with no opportunity to withdraw.

Consequences of withdrawal from the agreement

In the event of withdrawal from this agreement, MB „Electri commercium“ shall refund all payments received from the customer, including the cost of delivery of the goods (with the exception of additional costs resulting from the customer’s choice of a different form of delivery other than the free delivery method offered by MB „Electri commercium“), immediately and in any case no later than 7 days or 24 hours (depends on will or will not order was paid and started to process)  from the date on which MB „Electri commercium“ was informed of the decision of the customer to exercise the right to withdraw from this contract.

MB „Electri commercium“ will refund payments using the same payment methods that was used by the consumer in the original transaction, unless the consumer has expressly agreed otherwise; in any case the customer does not incur any charges in relation to this refund. MB „Electri commercium“ may withhold the refund until receipt of the items or the customer has provided evidence of return, depending on which event occurs first.

Damaged or defective goods

Please immediately inform seller and send or forward items to MB „Electri commercium“ if they are damaged or defective.

In any case consumer have to send goods back to seller not later than 7 days from the date on which the consumer informed MB „Electri commercium“ about damaged or defective goods.

The deadline is met if the consumer sends the item prior to expiry of  7 days. The MB “Electri commercium” will have to incur the cost of the return of the goods.

Seller will only return money after getting and inspecting returned order.

Not damaged or defective goods cannot be returned and refunded.

The consumer shall only be liable for the diminished value of the item as a result of using it in a different way than was necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the item.